November 15, 2023 | Wednesday

Green Energy in Focus

October marked a month full of activities highlighting EU’s efforts in promoting and supporting the green transition in Kosovo. New initiatives were launched aiming to support green transition through partnerships, education and collaboration with public and private sector stakeholders as well as the media.

On 12 October, the EU-funded project “Circular Economy for Green Transition in Kosovo” was launched with the vision to contribute to Kosovo’s transition to a circular economy by empowering civil society to influence policy reform. The project will work closely with the people by involving them as circular economy advocates, to promote circular practices, reduce waste and champion sustainable resource management. With the vision and goals of the European Green Deal as its foundation, the “Circular Economy for Green Transition in Kosovo” project will dedicate its efforts towards a greener,  more resilient and more sustainable Kosovo.

The Green Diplomacy Weeks on the other hand included several activities, working with key communities and stakeholders that can help cultivate and adapt green principles for a more sustainable future.

A workshop with media professionals took place on 26 October, organized in cooperation with the local grassroots organisation, EcoZ. The workshop held at Hotel Sharri in Prevallë started with opening remarks by Ambassador Szunyog, who highlighted the importance of just transition for Kosovo. The 20 participants had the opportunity to interact and learn about the just transition with experts such as Janez Kopač – Commissioner in the National Energy Regulator Authority in Slovenia and former Energy Minister of Slovenia, as well as former Director of Energy Community Secretariat; Lulzim Korenica from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Kosovo; Nevena Smilevska – CEE Bankwatch Network, and Viktor Berishaj – Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. Recognizing and highlighting effective communication as paramount in promoting the principles and benefits of a just transition, the “Media Training on Just Transition” workshop tackled topics such as the effects of the climate change in Kosovo, the Just Transition Fund in Kosovo and the benefits of a just transition for the country.

Furthermore, Europe House in Kosovo carried out outreach activities with elementary school pupils in Pristina, where 3rd graders of the “Naim Frashëri” school, a beneficiary of the co-financed EU project “Rehabilitation of Central Heating in Pristina”, learned about the green transition through games and interactive activities. Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities children from the municipality of Fushë Kosovë/Kosovo Polje had a chance to learn about renewable energy and sustainable living through games, thus laying the foundations of a greener future.