November 14, 2023 | Tuesday

Donarta Fetahu: Small Steps to Big Changes

Donarta Fetahu, a second-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Management at the University of Prishtina, is a dedicated student and a passionate advocate for community development. In her six years of active involvement, Donarta has accumulated over 1200 hours of volunteer work, leaving a mark on various organizations and initiatives. In 2023, as a Young European Ambassador, she dedicated herself to a mission of activism. In her own words, she proclaimed, “2023 will be my year of activism and hard work. I will join initiatives, protests, projects, and everything related to the protection of Human Rights; and I will advocate as much as possible in my workplace, faculty, and society to raise awareness for the cause.”

Donarta’s journey into activism began with her volunteer work at TOKA, a local NGO working on education and youth volunteering. She started at TOKA as a volunteer and moved on to be a trainer/mentor, showcasing her commitment to personal and professional growth. Beyond TOKA, she has contributed significantly to organizations such as KYC, QHPSM, QIPS, PEN, WESTERN BALKANS, ANIBAR, PRIFEST, MIRËDITA DOBAR DAN, SUNNYHILL, MANIFESTA BIENNALE, and more.

Some of her internship experiences include having been the Coordinator of the Education Program at ANIBAR, where she demonstrated adept coordination of tutors, participants, and volunteers for multiple workshops. Her role as an intern at KYC involved communication and coordination with school directorates and organizing events with the Student Council of Kosovo.

Donarta’s passion for education extended to her internship at MANIFESTA, where she assisted in logistics and event handling for 30 workshops in high schools. Notably, she helped in creating a manual and training over 100 teachers in Pristina and Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje.

Though currently employed as an Assistant in Administration and Finances at GERMIN, where Ms. Fetahaj manages financial data, handles invoices, and ensures smooth administrative operations, she continues her volunteer work mentoring youth at TOKA and contributing to the Career Orientation project in collaboration with GIZ and TOKA. Donarta is also a responsible Linja e Jetës volunteer, answering calls from individuals facing suicidal thoughts, displaying her dedication to mental health advocacy.

Donarta Fetahu is not just a student; she strives to be the change in society, a mentor, and an advocate for community wellbeing and education. She potentiates the power of youth engagement and active participation in shaping a better tomorrow.