October 1, 2018 | Monday

#GiveGreenAChance in the upcoming months in Kosovo

On 24 September, the European Union Office in Kosovo and the European Union Information and Culture Centre (EUICC) launched the Environment Campaign #GiveGreenAChance.

Riccardo Serri, Head of the Political, Economic and European Integration Section of the EU Office in Kosovo gave the inaugural speech, pointing out that now is the right moment to focus on the best solutions to protect the environment. The Ambassador of France, Didier Chabert, and the Ambassador of Germany, Christian Heldt, attended the event, insisting in their speeches that priority has to be given to fighting climate change and protecting the environment.

The upcoming three months will be full of activities covering four principal themes: water management, air pollution, waste management and energy efficiency.


Water will be the first topic of the Environment Campaign; therefore, October will be filled with activities aiming to raise awareness on water quality and water conservation, and the prevention of littering and river pollution.

Activities will take place in Ferizaj, Gjakova, Gjilan, Peja, Prizren, Shkabaj and other cities in Kosovo, finishing with a presentation of the conclusions during the Sustainable Development Week.

On 13 October, a graffiti activity on the bridge of the river in Gjakova will bring together the citizens and all interested people, to raise awareness on water conservation and river pollution.

In the weeks to come, the campaign will be focused on air pollution, water management and energy efficiency. Starting from 15 October, the air thematic weeks will include a bike tour from Pristina to Lipjan and a panel discussion on radiation and the current situation in Kosovo in this regard.

Four public figures supporting the Environment Campaign

Four public figures have joined the campaign implemented by the European Union Information and Culture Centre, expressing their interest in addressing the issues towards the general public in Kosovo. Actor Vedat Bajrami, alpinist Arineta Mula, fashion blogger Rita Saraçi and swimmer Lum Zhaveli are supporting the campaign by sharing their best practices in protecting the environment in Kosovo, both for their own benefit and for the benefit of all generations living in Kosovo.

Here is what they have to say on the importance of the environment in their daily life.

A healthy environment is a matter that should concern all of us. We can help save the planet if we start managing our own waste. This way we also show how much we love our beautiful country Kosovo” – Vedat Bajrami, actor

When I climb the mountains of our beautiful country, I am aware of how fresh air takes my breath away. We should cherish the nature and contribute to a better quality of air for our own well-being and our children’s” – Arineta Mula, alpinist

Clear water is vital for a healthy life. It is our responsibility to fight for this cause, not just for ourselves but also to create an ideal habitat for the animals and species living around us. We all deserve fresh water, it’s a basic need” – Lum Zhaveli, swimmer

Usage of different energy alternatives is a modern solution. Energy efficiency has a profound impact on our lives. Let’s stop fossil fuel use and try other alternatives and energy saving opportunities” – Rita Saraçi, fashion blogger and Young Cell Scheme scholar