September 29, 2018 | Saturday

Photo exhibition ’The Beauty of Ibarski Kolašin’ by Miroslav Lazarević

The EU Information and Cultural Centre in North Mitrovica organised the photo exhibition ’The Beauty of Ibarski Kolašin’ by Miroslav Lazarević, a local nature enthusiast, hiker and photographer.




Exploring breathtaking views and landscapes, the photographs featured in this exhibition highlight the most prominent sites of Mokra Gora, Gazivode and Rogozna that remain untouched by pollution.

Ideal for nature enthusiasts and adventurers, Ibarski Kolašin in the north of Kosovo presents a true challenge for mountaineers, runners, hikers, fishermen, kayakers and photographers. The aim of this exhibition was to promote its active tourism potential and economic growth.



The photographs will remain on display until the end of October.