September 24, 2018 | Monday

#GiveGreenAChance Campaign on Environment was launched today in Pristina

#GiveGreenAChance Campaign on Environment was launched today in Pristina focusing on clean water, clean air, green energy and waste free.

Riccardo Serri from the EU Office in Kosovo reminded that “the EU has done a lot for the environment in Kosovo, and we want to do more”.



The three months campaign aims to increase awareness and to engage everyone in being an active part to improve the environment.

German Ambassador Christian Heldt addressed to every kosovar to do more in reducing waste:

“You would not throw trash in your own living room, and Kosovo’s nature is the living room of the whole society” Heldt stated.


The French Ambassador in Kosovo, Didier Chabert, stated that the European Union is committed to become a champion in protecting the environment in Kosovo through different investments that have been done in the past and will continue to strengthen the fight for this cause. Chabert invited all to attend the screening of the film “Home” which shows the diversity of life on Earth and how humanity is threatening the ecological balance of the planet. “Home” will be screened throughout the campaign in different cities in Kosovo.

Igor Soltes, MEP, standing rapporteur for Kosovo apologized not to be able deliver the message directly, but on video.

“Environmental and Climate change problems have often been neglected as less important. Therefore the events like this are of crucial importance, not only for Kosovo but for the entire region. Environmental pollution and Climate Change challenges have no boundaries. EU is ready to offer full support to the entire region for better tackling environmental and Climate Change challenges” Soltes stated on the video message.

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Vjosa Berisha, Team Leader of the EUICC – European Union Information and Cultural Centre stated the importance EUICC has given in organizing and facilitating this very important campaign for all citizens in Kosovo.

During the event, Arineta Mula / alpinist and Lum Zhaveli / swimmer expressed their gratitude in having the opportunity to address the issues of water and air and shared with the audience their successful stories in this regard.



The event also kicked off the Climate Diplomacy Week announcing its activities and events.