November 29, 2023 | Wednesday

“United, we have the power to shape a better future”

A profile of Viola Maksuti

“My passion lies in breaking down gender barriers and overcoming obstacles that hinder people from reaching their fullest potential and making the most out of their circumstances.” – Viola Maksuti

Viola Maksuti is a Young European Ambassador and a STEM Ambassador for girls in Kosovo. She is a curious individual with a passion for personal growth and collaborative progress. As a Computer Science and International Relations student and activist, she navigates diverse fields with the goal of contributing to the progression of society and advancement of science, and serving as an inspiration for others. She believes in the potential of Kosovo youth and is determined to showcase it to the world.

To amplify her activism, she actively engages across multiple platforms that allow her to channel her drive and energy. Over the years, she has volunteered in the fields of education, human rights, gender equality, STEM, EU integration, and youth activism. She is the founder of the Youth Platform of Education and holds leading positions in groups such as the Youth Council of the US Embassy. 

Recognizing the importance of education, Viola is committed to ensuring its accessibility regardless of one’s economic status or demographic background. “Education, as a crucial starting point, paves the way for standardized and equal opportunities, creating a society where everyone can thrive and optimize their potential,” Maksuti says. In pursuit of this vision, she has founded the Youth Platform of Education. This online platform provides valuable information to Kosovo youngsters about diverse educational opportunities, ranging from conferences, info sessions, and volunteering opportunities to networking, employment, scholarships, and internships. 

In her pursuit for a fair and just society, through her activism, she has committed to working in promotion of human rights, gender equality and STEM. “My passion lies in breaking down gender barriers and overcoming obstacles that hinder people from reaching their fullest potential and making the most out of their circumstances,” Viola says, “My upbringing instilled in me an unwavering belief that no challenge is unconquerable, prompting me to pursue my interests in studying STEM and engaging in competitive chess.” Through the Youth Council of the U.S. Embassy, she participated in the initiation of the Tech Intern Prep program. This impactful program successfully prepared 30 CIT students for job applications, paving the way for five of them to secure internship positions at two distinguished tech companies. 

As an activist, Maksuti is also committed to Kosovo EU integration process and diplomacy, promoting her community and country through various channels — online via her social media platforms and in person through campaigns and youth projects. Noteworthy activities include the promotion of her hometown Gjilan/Gnjilane through the hybrid campaign “Gjilani’s Tourist Guide”, and the promotion of Kosovo in Brussels during the Europe Day through the “Made of Us” campaign.  As a young Kosovan leader, her message to readers is: “Persist in finding inspiration and inspiring others. You are not alone in confronting challenges; united, we have the power to shape a better future.”