November 29, 2023 | Wednesday

Child protection is a priority!

The Day Care Center for Children in Street Situations in Nashec, muinicipality of Prizren, was opened in October. Nashec Childcare Center was brought to life thanks to a collaboration between the European Union Office in Kosovo, Unicef Kosovo, the Embassy of Japan in Kosovo and Terre des hommes – Kosovo. The center provides services to vulnerable children and their families. 

Children in street situations are among the most marginalized children. They often experience  severe violations of their rights before and during their time on the streets. According to the latest Child Pact Index 2.0 on Child Protection, services specific to children in street situations, such as outreach, day or night shelters, rehabilitation and reintegration, counselling and psychological support, while essential, are mostly limited or absent in Kosovo.  

The Day Care Centers in Nashec aims to fill this gap by providing integrated services for vulnerable girls and boys and  adolescents that are in street situations, including the provision of nutrition, hygienic and sanitary  services, clothing, psycho-social services, educational activities, psychological counselling,  medical support, leisure, and socio-cultural activities.  

The Center is located in Nashec village, at 8 km distance from the Prizren city center. The Center  was opened during the 80’s and it was used as a camp for recreation activities for children and youth from all over Kosovo.  

While the accommodation premises have been refurbished with the financial support of the Japan  Embassy in Kosovo, it is thanks to the financial support of the European Union Office In Kosovo that the center was made functional. This is the second day care centre in Kosovo that will provide integrated services for all vulnerable children with specific focus on children in street situations, youth and their families according to their needs.  

The Nashec Centre will deliver direct services to children who are either currently in  street situations or are at risk of falling into such circumstances. While the Center intends to  replicate the successful model of the Day Care Centre in Prishtina, it also possesses the capability and suitable infrastructure to potentially serve as a pilot location for the Child Protection Houses model in Prizren.  

The Center will also facilitate sessions on positive parenting and organize awareness raising activities within the community.