April 15, 2024 | Monday

Our Eyes – Bringing information to the blind persons’ community in Kosovo

Our Eyes is a bimonthly magazine written in the Braille alphabet and published by the Kosovo Association of the Blind. Through Kosovo 2.0’s EU-funded program titled “Diversifying Voices in Journalism”, the Kosovo Association of the Blind managed to produce this valuable source of information for the community of the blind in Kosovo. 

The magazine covers topics varying from information on the latest events to success stories of the blind people and activities of the blind persons in Kosovo. An important element of the magazine is information related to the legislation in power and the rights of blind persons in Kosovo. The magazine reaches its users through the physical sharing of its copies in the network of centres of the Association across Kosovo. In addition, an audio version of each issue is uploaded on the Association’s website and social media, to ensure access to more persons who are able to use the digital devices. 

“Lack of access to information is one of the biggest challenges for blind persons in Kosovo, so through this magazine, we try to give them an insight on the latest developments around them,” says Daut Tishuki, the chair of the Association, whom we met on our visit to the printing house in Peja. We have documented the process of how this valuable contribution for the blind community in Kosovo is brought to life and you can get a glimpse of it through the video below.