November 14, 2018 | Wednesday

Master Class: Waste Management in the North of Kosovo

Yesterday the European Union Information and Cultural Centre in North Mitrovica organised a master class on waste management in the northern municipalities of Kosovo.



Jovana Jakovljević, an expert from the Institute for Territorial Economic Development, addressed different factors that contribute to the hierarchy of waste management and affect the treatment of waste in the areas with developing economies that often experience exhausted waste collection services and inadequately managed dumpsites. In her lecture, Jakovljević emphasized the main areas of concern such as lack of awareness by citizens, old landfills or no landfills, low level of waste collection, lack of resources to classify, recycle and transfer waste, old equipment and inadequate tax collection.



The event raised a high interest for the attending public leading to a fruitful discussion. The masterclass is organised as part of the ongoing Environment campaign #GiveGreenAChance supported by the European Union Office in Kosovo.