November 17, 2018 | Saturday

Fashion blogger Rita Saraçi advocating for environment protection

Rita Saraçi is a special woman. As a fashion blogger and an entrepreneur, Saraçi sure knows how to excel in two different areas of life.

Saraçi started off as a fashion blogger who just recently created her own clothing brand and clothing store; FAR. Her current and future plans are to continue the grow of her brand, to create more designs, and clothing pieces, as well as to grow the team of FAR.

She is one of the four Champions of the Environment Campaign in Kosovo, organised by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by the European Union Information and Culture Centre in Kosovo. Together with alpinist Arineta Mula, actor Vedat Bajrami and swimmer Lum Zhaveli, Saraçi is an integral part of the Campaign on Environment, aiming to raise awareness towards environment protection in Kosovo.

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“I think we should change the language when speaking about the environment. Unfortunately, the problems caused by people to the environment are concerning, thus we should all contribute in reducing certain human actions that are causing environmental problems” says Saraçi.

Besides writing articles on her blog, with the intention to spread awareness on environment protection, Saraçi has organized many times the Flea Market Event in Pristina; an event in which people had the chance to buy and sell clothes.

“One of the best ways to reduce waste is to reuse and recycle items instead of throwing them away. I hope that FAR customers love our products, that they wear and re-wear them, repair what can be repaired, and when they finish with them, pass them to other people to enjoy” Saraçi adds.

Up to now she has launched three collections under the FAR brand, one of them being a unisex collection.

Saraçi, is extremely privileged and happy to be part of the Environment Campaign organised by the European Union Office in Kosovo.

“It has been very special for me to take part in this campaign, as I have been given the chance to provide my perspective on the environment issue. Also, I hope that to a certain extent I am encouraging my audience to research and investigate on environmental issues, and hopefully motivate some to care more about the planet. Nonetheless, I consider the environment as a concern of all inhabitants and citizens. Regardless of backgrounds and professions we should treat the environment with more accountability, responsibility and love” Rita Saraçi continues.

Saraçi insists that the environment in general, but also the forestry, water resources, lakes and rivers, and national parks should be protected from further destruction, where institutional protection is a necessity.

“The environment is where we all meet; where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share, thus we shall protect and preserve it” Saraçi concludes.