March 29, 2019 | Friday

Inspirational talk with Krenare Lleshi – Chevening Scholarship alumni

EU Inspirational Talks continued this month at the EU Info Centre in Pristina with the participation of Krenare Lleshi – Chevening Scholarship Alumni. This is the second time EUICC collaborates with Chevening Alumni Association in Kosovo to bring up the best experiences and inspiring stories from the past recipients.

Joined by Vjosa Berisha – Team Leader at the EUICC, Krenare Lleshi unfolded her inspiring story from the very beginning, when she applied for the prestigious scholarship up to the moment when she had to construct a very productive vision for her comeback in Kosovo. After all, these are two of the goals of this scholarship, to empower youngsters from Kosovo to gain knowledge during their studies in England and come back to Kosovo and implement their knowledge.


Lleshi, one of the recipients of the Chevening Scholarship, shared the fact that she learned a lot during her academic enrollment in Nottingham, during which time she grasped mostly the theoretical aspect of using technology during teaching process.

“I am glad I’ve studied in England given the chance of Chevening Scholarship, a scholarship that has given me tremendous opportunities and immense knowledge when it comes to teaching. Before enrolling in my studies I already had work experience in Kosovo, as a teacher, this being also a precondition of the Chevening itself – to have working experience and also experience in voluntary work” Krenare said.

Her studies in England lasted for one academic year and she completed the scholarship with the highest accolades in a record time. She had a clear vision on how to continue her professional life in Kosovo.


Nowadays, Lleshi is active with the Swiss Caritas. During this inspirational talk she told the audience that in Kosovo a lot of schools are implementing the use of technology in the teaching process, since this only makes the education more attractive.

“It has become a challenge on how to separate fake news from good news, nowadays, because the information is there all the time. Along with the world`s development, formal and non-formal education have evolved as well, and demands from teachers and students have changed drastically” Krenare added.


She says that critical thinking and curiosity should be the epitome of the learning process in Kosovo, two concepts that youngsters should get familiar with as earlier as possible.

“I will do my best so that I transport my knowledge from England in Kosovo, because I honestly believe that the use of technology and new trends can better the learning” Krenare concluded.

This was the second #EUInspirationalTalk, following last month’s one with Adriatik Kelmendi – a Chevening Scholar as well.