March 28, 2019 | Thursday

Inspirational Talk with Aleksandar Vukosavljević, kickboxing and MMA champion

The European Union Information and Cultural Centre in North Mitrovica organized an inspirational talk with Aleksandar Vukosavljević, kickboxing and MMA champion and local MMA club coach.

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As a successful athlete and personal trainer, Aleksandar pointed out some of the most important ways in which youth can acquire positive attitudes toward physical activities as a prerequisite for healthy living and growing.

With the main theme of the discussion being developing positive attitudes and values through healthy lifestyles, the participant were able to gain first-hand information on how to achieve the necessary focus and motivation for maximum results.

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How to take that first step towards strong and healthy body? What are the consequences of unhealthy eating habits, alcohol and drug consumption? Do we truly understand the main reasons behind violent behavior and violent communication? How do we make fitness more inclusive? – were some of the topics and questions the discussion touched upon.

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