September 30, 2016 | Friday

EUICC September Activities in Photos

EUICC Movie Screening and Discussion: The Startup Kids


From left to right: Leutrim Blakaj, serial entrepreneur, Alejtin Berisha, co-founder of Angel Investor Network and Dardan Velija, EUICC team leader. (Photo Credit: EUICC)

Young entrepreneurs were the focus of the September EUICC Movie Screening and Discussion, co-organized with Innovation Center Kosovo, ICK. The documentary, The Startup Kids,  highlighted the story of successful entrepreneurial ventures such as Soundcloud, Vimeo and Dropbox as part of the EUICC campaign, EU is about Youth Empowerment. “You become an entrepreneur, not just to make money but also to improve the world,” said Leutrim Blakaj, serial entrepreneur from Kosovo during the discussion.


Participants at the movie and pizza night at the EUICC North Mitrovica (Photo Credit: EUICC)

In North Mitrovica the screening was followed by a discussion with IBCM’s marketing manager Jelena Radisavljević and the audience. Radisavljević spoke about how the success stories highlighted in the film can relate to the local environment. Specifically, she emphasized the need to identify innovative solutions to local challenges.

EUICC Open House: Interactive Exhibition: Citizen Engagement in Pristina’s Public Space – “Returning Public”


This year’s ECOWEEK theme was ‘REFLECTION’, focused on exploring new ways of designing and building cities in an innovative way (Photo Credit: EUICC)

The EUICC Open House September edition welcomed experts of urban planning who, during the Eco Week organized by EcoCiety, conducted a thorough analysis and held several workshop, the results of which were presented and discussed during this interactive exhibition.


Expert Dastid Ferati explaining the findings from ECO WEEK 2016. (Photo Credit: EUICC)

“There are a lot of public spaces in Pristina but many are dysfunctional due to poor design,” said Dastid Ferati, Kosovar architect and lecturer at the EcoWeek Workshops. To improve this, he suggests more citizen engagement in urban design.

EU Talks “Empowering Kosovo’s youth through regional networking and public participation and the establishment of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO)”


Panel discussion with Mr. Frank Morawietz, special representative of the Franco-German Youth Office, joined the discussion via Skype, along with other panelists in Pristina (Photo Credit: EUICC)

The EUICC September EU Talks was focused on youth empowerment and their public participation through the establishment of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) launched this July in Paris. The highlight of the discussion was Mr. Frank Morawietz, a special representative of the Franco-German Youth Office, who stressed the importance of RYCO for the Western Balkans.

EU Master Class: Promoting Peace and Justice through Cartoons


From left to right: Dafina Zherka, Senior Information Officer at EUICC, Gerrie Willems, Dutch Ambassador in Kosovo and Agim Krasniqi, Kosovar cartoonist (Photo Credit: EUICC)

The EUICC Pristina Master Class, Promoting Peace and Justice through Cartoons, was organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Ambassador Gerrie Willems presented the Hague Peace and Justice project, an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which teams up with the cartoon movement to create a global debate about peace and justice by engaging cartoonists and students around the world.


Participant showing his work during the workshop (Photo Credit: EUICC)

The lecture by the ambassador was followed by a workshop with cartoonist Agim Krasniqi (Kragi). By combining theory and hands-on involvement, the university students gained skills in storyboard development, sketching and conveying messages of peace and justice through cartoons.

EUICC Master Class: Student Study Visit in North Mitrovica


Pristina students at EUICC in Mitrovica North with Boyd McKechnie, Senior Adviser Political Affairs/North-Dialogue Coordinator (European Union Office in Kosovo / EU Special Representative). (Photo Credit: EUICC)

A group of students from Pristina and North Kosovo made a 1-day visit to North Mitrovica providing students the opportunity to visit different EU project sites as well as institutions on issues related to Kosovo’s European integration.

During the visit at EUICC, students had interactive discussions with guest speakers including a Political Affairs Advisor with the EU Office in Kosovo,   Erasmus+, ARDA and the EU project implementation team.

These EUICC events were part of the  September campaign, EU is about Youth Empowerment. In October, the new campaign, EU is About Freedom of Expression, will begin with a full schedule of events available at

EUICC Publications: Energy, Education, Schengen Zone, SAA for Everyone

The EUICC published new publications this month from the European Commission. Highlighted themes include Energy, Education, Youth and Sport, and the Schengen Zone. Stop by for your copy in Albanian or Serbian.

Still curious about Kosovo’s SAA with the European Union? Pick-up a copy of the EUICC publication SAA for Everyone