November 21, 2016 | Monday

Energy Efficiency Measures, a worthwhile EU investment

The Pristina public Internal and Surgery Hospitals are by far better prepared for the upcoming winter. External thermal insulation, new windows and doors, waterproof roof, are some of the energy efficiency measures implemented through the EU funded project “implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures in Schools and Hospitals in Kosovo. The works on the last two schemes, these two hospitals, were completed on August 2016.

The purpose of this important project commenced in late 2012, was the implementation of energy-efficient measure in 63 existing schools across different municipalities in Kosovo, and 2 hospitals in Pristina. The energy efficiency measures promote a more rational use of energy and are focused on building envelope improvements (such as external thermal insulation of buildings, replacement of external windows and doors, thermal and waterproof roof insulation, etc); heating, electrical and lighting systems, ventilation control systems and introduction of renewable energy resources, such as solar panels for hot water production.

On the other hand the objective of this project was the measurement and monitoring, over a period of one year, of the implemented energy efficiency measures in schools and hospital buildings. Energy audit calculations in 53 schools showed that there are tangible benefits of both environmental and economic nature, such as significant annual energy savings of an average of 62%, CO2 emissions reduction of 60%, all this achieved with the Payback Period for energy efficiency measures of 7.26 years.

These schools and hospitals were large energy consumers before, and lacking basic comfort condition. The implemented energy efficiency measures have significantly improved health, comfort and productivity of the schools learning environment and indoor air quality in the hospitals.

Reducing energy consumption and fossil fuel use in these buildings will directly support Kosovo in implementing a comprehensive energy strategy and enhancing the policies for renewable energy. The implementation of the identified measures will help Kosovo government meet the 9 % target of energy savings by 2018.

The total investments amount for this project is approximately 17 million euro.

Luigi Brusa

Head of Cooperation Section- EU Office in Kosovo/EU Special Representative