August 25, 2022 | Thursday

Discover my City with Young European Ambassadors

Kosovo is blessed with natural beauties and towns that date back to the ancient times. To promote its beauties and cities, together with Kosovo’s Young European Ambassadors we have started the “Discover my City” series.

In the first episode of the series, together with Fatbardh Kabashi, a Young European Ambassador from Kosovo, we visited the beautiful and culturally diverse town of Prizren. Fatbardh took us along the Lumbardh river, narrow cobbled streets, and the old houses of Shadervan.

The Ulpiana archeological park was our second stop of the series. Together with Amina Kaja we have traced through the ruins of the two-thousand-year-old city, which thanks to the support of the European Union is now accessible to students.

The “Discover my City” series with the Young European Ambassadors is being supported by the European Union in Kosovo.