June 29, 2021 | Tuesday

The young activist of the month: Amina Kaja

Amina Kaja is a 19 year old student of General Medicine, with a dream of becoming a surgeon and traveling around the world to help people in need.

Even though she is engaged in different projects, she does not consider herself an activist yet, but hopes that in the near future she will have a more active voice for the topics that she considers important.

She started her voluntary activities at an early age, and up to this day they make up 500 hours of her time. While being a student in primary school, Amina’s interest in arts grew; especially in writing, acting, poetry and singing. Poetry remains’ her favorite communication tool, particularly Spoken Word Poetry, as it allows her to tackle injustice, inequality, women’s rights, politics and other social topics.

Amina feels very proud to be part of plenty of groups driving change in the society. As President of the first Youth Advisory Board, Amina together with other activists helped more than 400 youth from communities and rural places, by increasing their capacities and soft skills. Also, as the Director of the first High School Career Club, she managed to co-organize different activities for students, training and mentoring them for their future professions, as well as informing them on the possibilities they have in Kosovo. Mentoring is an activity that Amina enjoys doing, as it allows her to learn from her peers, and at the same time share her knowledge and experience with them.

Amina is a Young European Ambassador and she represents Kosovo. Due to the pandemic, they had to continue their activities online. However, since the situation with the pandemic is improving, the Young European Ambassadors are ready to start with some great projects for the Kosovo youth, something for which she feels very excited.