August 30, 2016 | Tuesday

Youth Volunteers Power Kosovo’s Festivals and Community Organizations

A quick look at the month of August in Kosovo reveals that this is a month filled with festivals and youth activities.  Undoubtedly, many such cultural events are made possible by the youngsters that volunteer their time to support these events.

Simultaneously, this month coincides with the campaign launched by the EUICC, EU is about Youth Empowerment, which involves a number of activities with a special focus on youth and their role in society.

The following pictures capture these youth volunteers participating in various activities, supporting the staff in making these events a success, presenting the best of Kosovo to attendees.

DokuFest 2016

“These people, some of which have worked tirelessly for months, are those responsible for making Dokufest happen”! – DokuFest Facebookdkf

The following images showcase the tireless work  of volunteers in DokuFest2016




Photo Source: DokuFest2016

DokuFest2016 opened on August 5, 2016  continuing until August 13, welcoming filmmakers and festival attendees from around the world. Artists, filmmakers, and musicians of all kinds  gathered to view local and international films, participate in panels and enjoy Dokunights while taking in the local energy. The topic of this year’s edition of DokuFest was corruption, a topic that raised great interest from the public to address  this negative phenomenon plaguing many societies around the world.

The Summit Fest 2016‬

A festival, now in its second year, brought fans electronic DJs from Kosovo and beyond. The creativity seen during the laser show, paired with the music, would not be possible without the support of young volunteers coming with new ideas.

“The Summit celebrates its second birthday, thanks to your positive energy and the work of all of you, together! Thank you to the volunteers, our team, and sponsors, for their continued and sincere support”. – Leart Zeqa Summit Fest Organizer


Photo Source: Summit Fest

The Ideas Partnership

This local NGO focused on empowering minority communities is powered by volunteers. Whether it be teaching in classrooms, transporting material, fundraising or helping the women’s economic empowerment groups, a volunteer is always present. “Most of our ideas have come from volunteers.” – The Ideas Partnership

In this photo, a young volunteer delivers a literacy courses for a group of youngsters from the Roma community in Kosovo.



Photo Source – The Ideas Partnership

Let’s Do It Kosova!

The civic initiative “Let’s Do It Kosova” organizes activities to preserve and protect the environment in Kosovo. To address the environmental problems, many volunteers take part in clean-up actions, all over Kosovo. In the photos below, volunteers join the initiative “Let’s Clean Up Kosovo”.



Photo Source: Let’s Do It Kosova

The Let’s do it Kosova Coordinator, Luan Hasanaj, expressed his happiness with the clean-up of this location, which he says was largely used by children, who apart from waste itself, were endangered by snake bites.

“These actions will continue further, not only in eliminating illegal waste dumps, but also in raising awareness of the citizens and institutions on their responsibility to the environment”. – Let’s Do It Kosova Webpage

“Let’s do it Kosova has spread throughout all municipalities of Kosovo, there are volunteer groups in each municipality, actively involved in addressing environmental issues, and organizing clean-up actions for illegal waste dumps”. – Let’s do it Kosova

Volunteers for the EUICC

In August, volunteers supported the EU Information and Cultural Center to spread information for the current EU Development Shorts Film Competition, where the best short film highlighting an EU funded project has a chance to win a prize. The EUICC engaged volunteers to distribute leaflets informing the public about the competition during the DokuFest events.