June 30, 2016 | Thursday

Young Environmental Photographers


In honor of the EUICC bimonthly campaign, EU is about Environmental Sustainability, the Young Environmental Workshop was launched, led by photographer Atdhe Mulla. a full month of of workshop and exhibition with young photographers. Over three days of Master Classes, students were mentored on the basics of photography, identifying subjects and capturing artistic elements through photographs with the theme of environmental sustainability, or in some cases, environmental unsustainability. The aim of the workshop was to develop the skills of young photographers enthusiastic about photography, while drawing attention to the state of Kosovo’s environment. Photographers used a broad range of tools from smartphones to professional cameras, producing diverse results, critiqued by Atdhe Mulla. The top photographs from each of the young photographers will become part of the Young Environmental Photo Exhibition at EUICC Pristina, open through the month of July, and will be on display in late July at the EUICC in North Mitrovica.


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The first day of the workshop, participants were introduced to technical and compositional aspects of photography. They then all worked on selecting themes to capture and identified a timeline for tasks

Photo Credit: EUICC


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Atdhe Mulla presents examples of outdoor photography during the second workshop which included lessons on editing and post production using Photoshop. Photo Credit: EUICC


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The participants were able to analyze the quality of published photography while also having their final consultation on their assignments and potential submissions. On the last day of the workshop they prepared for the print and exhibition presentation. Photo Credit: EUICC



Young photographers, Fikret Ahmeti, is captured here, getting into position for the perfect shot.



Another photographer, Rinor Dërmaku, sets up his equipment to capture the perfect scene at one of Kosovo’s natural beauties.

A sneak peak of photos to be displayed at the exhibit featuring 24 environmentally focused photos are included below. Join the EUICC Pristina Photo Exhibition Opening at 19:00 on 30 June, 2016 to see the full collection.


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Exhibition Sneak Peak: Photo submission by Fikret Ahmeti


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Exhibition Sneak Peak: Photo submission by Andi Deqani


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Exhibition Sneak Peak: Photo submission by Fisnik Halili