April 28, 2023 | Friday

What’s a Cell? – Rinor Gjergji

Every student, including those who don’t consider biology as their favorite subject, knows that the cell is the fundamental and smallest unit responsible for all life processes. However, in this blog I will not talk about biological notions or any natural science. The term “Cell” is embedded in the name of the European Union scholarship (co-financed by the Government of Kosovo), awarded to outstanding Kosovar students.

Since 2014, the Young Cell Scheme (YCS) has been sending Kosovar students to study in prestigious universities in EU countries. This year, I am one of them. Finally, after a 4-year experience at the Faculty of Law of the University of Prishtina, I will have the opportunity to pursue my Master level studies at a EU university. This is geographical space in which the most eminent legal scholars lived and the most revolutionary ideas in the wide field of justice were born. In short, I will have the opportunity to study where the cornerstones of legal sciences have been laid.

Studying there, in addition to putting me in contact with renowned professors, providing access to rich scientific libraries and journals, socialization with young people from different countries, will also provide me with opportunities to experience the Western style of living and learn a lot from it. Eventually, in addition to expertise, from this scholarship I also expect to be enriched culturally. Let’s go back to the title: what’s a cell? It is an existential need, without which we cannot function. For Kosovo, a cell is a Kosovar student who goes to study in Europe to acquire more knowledge and culture, then returns home and contributes to improving the situation in the country.

I have the pleasure of being the beneficiary of this scholarship, but the pleasure becomes immense when I realize that above all Kosovo is the principal beneficiary, whom I will serve with pride. I believe that in the near future Kosovo will be a member of the Council of Europe and our citizens will have the opportunity to turn to the European Court of Human Rights. Such thoughts fill me with the will to dedicate myself to the studies that await me, in order to gain expertise in the field of human rights and use all knowledge for the benefit of the citizens of Kosovo. Albert Camus wrote that all great thoughts and deeds have simple beginnings. May YCS be for me a simple beginning of great thoughts and deeds!