May 28, 2021 | Friday

The young activist of the month: Diellza Ibrahimi

Diellza is a 19-year-old student and activist from Pristina. She is currently a first year student, and is studying political science and diplomacy. Diellza believes that big changes can be made by starting with small steps, which is why she was, since her young age, active in events, workshops, and many other events.

Her experience as activist began with participating in workshops organized by local organizations and by doing voluntary work. Later on, Diellza became part of the Young European Ambassadors (YEA), a project that aims to promote diversity among young people and bring about a positive change in the Western Balkans.

Besides this, Diellza is also the main leader of a web-based community of nearly one million users, a task she has been doing for almost four years in a row now, assisting with moderation and organization in the community on a voluntary basis.

Recently she was also part of a project called “Solidarity Acts in Times of Indifference”, where nine young people from Mitrovica came together to find histories and stories of solidarity between people. These stories have now been published, and Diellza has co-authored two of them.

Diellza’s message for the young people is: “Always keep growing and changing in order to become the best version of yourself”. By doing this, you will bring about change in your community and, at the same time, inspire others to become the best version of themselves too”.