October 9, 2018 | Tuesday

The ‘Awareness Tree’ revealed, an installation to raise awareness about environment protection

It looks like a normal tree, but it will definitely be outspoken and differently creative for the days to come.

In the framework of the Environment Campaign #GiveGreenaChance, launched on the 24th of September by the European Union Office and the European Union Information and Culture Centre in Kosovo, yesterday in three cities of Kosovo, Pristina, Peja and Prizren , the ‘Awareness Tree’ was put in display for a very special cause.


The ‘Awareness Tree’ will stay put ten days in total, where citizens will have a chance to throw trash and plastic bags around it and realize that trash causes big damage in our nature and personal health.



The launching event happened almost simultaneously in the three cities. In Peja and Prizren, the Municipalities chose a tree in the central square of the city. In Pristina, although, the European Union Information and Culture Centre in Kosovo in cooperation with the Municipality, a tree was brought in the Mother Teresa Boulevard, the heart of the capital of Kosovo.



“Kosovo is a beautiful and green country, and the beautifulness and environment in general deserves to be preserved and protected by its citizens. European Union has completed already many projects for the environment in Kosovo and continues with new projects and also campaigns in order to protect the environment and to improve the living standards in Kosovo. However, local and national authorities need to work on this matter as well. Every citizen needs to do his part for a better environment” said Riccardo Serri, Head of the Political, Economic and European Integration Section of the EU Office in Kosovo, presenting the ‘Awareness Tree’ in Pristina.

“With the Campaign on Environment, lasting until mid-December, you already have seen commercials and TV ads and activities like this one through which we are trying to raise awareness that trash needs to be put where it should be, in the bins and not in the trees. This tree will stay here for 10 days probably covered at some point with trash, and we want to give the message that this is not the proper way to do it. I hereby invite all of you to be part of our Campaign and to join our activities in your cities” remarked Riccardo Serri.


Vjosa Berisha, team leader at the European Union Information and Culture Center in Kosovo highlighted the message the Awareness Tree is giving to the general public in Pristina, Peja and Prizren.

“Bearing in mind the problem of polluted water in Kosovo, during the first two weeks of October 2018 the Environment Campaign is focused on Water. We want to see how people will react to the Awareness Tree in Pristina, Peja and Prizren.  In such a way, we will all realize the damage we cause to our water, our health, our rivers and our nature” said Vjosa Berisha.


Lum Zhaveli, one of the four champions of the Environment Campaign, acclaimed swimmer and contestant  of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016, invited all citizens to reflect and realize upon one fact solely: water is life and there is no life without water.

“I am very much honoured to be part of this Campaign, which is another chance for me to help the environment in Kosovo. A healthy environment concerns us all, and especially when it comes to water we have to realize that there is no life without clean water. Kosovo is rich in water supplies and remains one of the few countries in the world to still have ‘wild rivers’ and this is one motivation more for all of us to be more committed in protecting our environment” Zhaveli said during the launching event on Wednesday in Pristina.