September 20, 2021 | Monday

Students and Young Professionals learn Graphic Design Basics at Europe House North Mitrovica

Twelve young students and professionals from Pristina, Vushtrri/Vučitrn and North Mitrovica, attended the Master-class: Graphic Design Basics, organized by Europe House Kosovo and lectured by the graphic designer Aleksandar Kasalovic.

Held at Europe House premises in North Mitrovica, the master-class enabled the participants to familiarize with the basic techniques of graphic design. Aleksandra, a 17 year old student of graphic design in North Mitrovica, was one of the participants of the master-class. She declared that the master-class was of real help to her.

 “I really enjoyed this master-class, since apart from the things we learn at the faculty, it prepared us for the real world – for example how to deal with the customer, how to set our priorities and create a name for ourselves, and how to be unique and creative. I really feel inspired after attending this master-class and can’t wait to put it into practice. Today I understood that graphic design has no boundaries, it is a universal language understood by all nations in the world, and that’s really beautiful – declared Aleksandra.    

Nazlime Kozhani a fashion design student from Pristina, was another participant who attended the master-class. She said that due to her profession, the master-class was very useful to her. “In the future I will try to apply the knowledge gained today, since they are really important in fashion design” – declared Kozhani. 

The master-class organized by Europe House in Kosovo and financed by European Union Office in Kosovo, aims to increase the capacities of students and young professionals in the field of graphic design.