April 20, 2021 | Tuesday

Project of the month – EU Support for the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Kosovo

The Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), which entered into force five years ago, except from creating new opportunities for Kosovo’s economy, enforcing democracy and others; aims to strengthen the Rule of Law and bring Kosovo’s legislature closer to that of the European Union. Part of the completion of this objective is the project EU Support for the Intellectual Property Rights in Kosovo, as the guaranteeing of the protection of intellectual rights is part of the SAA, as stated in the Article 77 of the agreement.

Intellectual property (IP) system plays an important role in national economies by providing incentives to invent and create; protecting innovators from unauthorized copying and enabling an efficient technology transfer market in technology and creations of the mind. Building a strong intellectual property system in Kosovo is crucial for supporting business, including both creative and traditional industries. Key institutions involved are intellectual property agencies and enforcement bodies, such as police, customs, inspectors and judges and prosecutors.

The Industrial Property Agency (AIP) which is an administrative central body of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is one of the main beneficiaries of the project. The AIP is responsible for the legal protection of the innovation, trade mark, industrial design, topographies and others, that arise from international agreements, the signatory of which is the Republic of Kosovo.

Nezir Gashi, General Director of the Industrial Property Agency (AIP), states that the support received from the IPR project, has been crucial for AIP. “The project Intellectual Property Rights in Kosovo, has enabled our agency to increase the capacities in the field of industrial ownership, since it has provided numerous trainings for our staff. Also thanks to their support, we have drafted the Patent Law, the Law on Trade Mark, the Law on Industrial Design, Law on Topographies of Semiconductor Products, and the Law on Trade Secrets. Together with their support, we have also completed the concept document for Industrial Ownership, which was sent to the government for approval. Part of the EU supported project is also increasing the awareness of the enterprises and general public on the importance of Industrial Ownership, and to this end a booklet was prepared by the project” – states Neziri.  

Working group drafting the Trademark Law – with the support of the IPR project

EU Support for the Intellectual Property Rights in Kosovo is a three year project funded by European Union, and implemented by IBF (International Consultancy Company). The project which began on June 2019, is currently active and is expected to be completed by October 2022.