September 23, 2020 | Wednesday

Photo competition | Covid-19: Women and their stories

Covid-19: Women and their stories
Photo competition
What were you doing during quarantine? Share your story with us for an opportunity to win great prizes & be featured in an EUOK publication.

Application method:
• Submit a photo of you or some other significant woman you know during the lockdown and a short description of up to 200 words telling us the story behind it, at
• The best pictures and stories will be part of an exclusive publication of EUOK.

• The photos and the stories need to be original and created for this occasion;
• The description should be limited to 200 words;
• Submissions are limited to one story with up to 3 photos per person/nomination;
• Photos could be of women working remotely, doing housework, taking care of the family, fighting Covid-19 on the frontline, continuing working as before Covid, etc.;
• Open for women of all ages living in Kosovo;
• The public (men and women) can nominate women of from their family and/or their friends;
• Prize winners are only those who submit stories and pictures and not those that nominate;
• An independent jury consisting of EUOK staff, EH staff and an acclaimed photographer will select the best photos and stories.
*These rules are subject to change based on the development of the competition

Deadline for submissions: 14th of October 2020, 23:59
Submit your photos at