August 2, 2017 | Wednesday

Photo Blog

With a concert of Gruv Hijena, a metal bend from Mitrovica North, EU Information and Cultural Centers opened their diverse July program, with a special attention given to issues related to equality. An interactive talk and a photo exhibition of our famous climber Uta Ibrahimi held in EUICC Pristina completed this month’s itinerary.


Musical performance by a local alternative metal band Gruv Hijena. The band is widely known throughout the North of Kosovo for performing covers of different rock genres and it attracted a large number of music enthusiasts on this occasion. (Photo Credits: EUICC Mitrovica North


The EUICC in Pristina hosted Ambassador of Croatia in Kosovo, Ms. Marija Kapitanović as part of Meet the Ambassador series. (Photo Credits: EUICC Pristina)


Ms. Kapitanović spoke of Croatia and traditional friendly relations between Croatia and Kosovo and cultural cooperation between the two countries. The Ambassador among many other subjects stressed the importance of gender equality as a prerequisite for democratic development of the society. (Photo Credits: EUICC Pristina)


EUICC in North Mitrovica opened its door to all citizens interested in watching the screening of a French documentary called Des Femmes et Des Hommes -Women and Men. (Photo Credits: EUICC Mitrovica North)


Directed by Frédérique Bedos the film gives voice to a female activist coming from different cultures and upbringing by tackling the issue of gender equality and the way gender is perceived in different cultures around the world. (Photo Credits: EUICC Mitrovica North)


The first Kosovo Albanian woman who conquered Mount Everest, Uta Ibrahimi, during her presentation and talk at EUICC July edition of Master Class and Photo Exhibition. (Photo Credits: EUICC Pristina)


The photo exhibition, which captures Uta’s climbing route from the onset to the Mount Everest peak, will be open to public for a month. (Photo Credits: EUICC Pristina)


Uta Ibrahimi and participants of the discussion at EUICC Pristina. (Photo Credits: Uta Ibrahimi)