December 4, 2017 | Monday

PHOTO BLOG: The Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights campaign at EUICC Pristina started with a Movie Screening and Discussion. A MasterClass on Freedom of Expression and Media Law by media lawyer Flutura Kusari was the second event organized in Pristina, while EUICC North Mitrovica held a Panel Discussion on Rule of Law, and a MasterClass on The Rule of Law and the Media.

five broken cameras

The screening of Documentary “Five Broken Cameras” which is a Palestine-Israeli coproduction and a documentation of daily lives of the Palestinian people and their struggle to exercise fundamental rights, while being awarded in various film festivals worldwide, including the Best Documentary Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival. (Photo Credits: EUICC)


The EUICC was honored to have as a special guest Dokufest Artistic Director, Veton Nurkollari, to discuss on the importance of free media, their impact in public awareness, and using it as a tool to promote social activism. “Freedom of speech is the most important thing for a country to achieve. Promotion of free media and social activism has always been Dokufest’s first goal,” said Nurkollari.(Photo Credit: EUICC)


The MasterClass on Rule of Law and Media held in EUICC Mitrovica North as part of the campaign on Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights with Milan Radonjić from BIRN and Željko Tvrdišić from Kontakt Plus, focusing on pivotal role of media in upholding the rule of law. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


At the MasterClass on Freedom of Expression and Media Law at the EU Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina, media lawyer and human rights activist Flutura Kusari presented core aspects and illustrated examples in respect to the freedom of expression, including media role, access to public documents, whistleblowing and rights and responsibilities of journalists and other related matters.(Photo Credit: EUICC)


“The freedom of expression is a fundamental human right comprising of rights and obligations and it upholds the rule of law. It enables the individual to get informed about the decisions of public authorities and it holds them accountable and responsible. Without a guaranteed freedom of expression it is difficult to maintain the rule of law and a democratic state,” stressed among others Kusari. (Photo Blog: EUICC)


At the panel discussion on the Rule of Law held in Mitrovica as part of the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Campaign which was a reflection a the current rule of law status in Kosovo with representatives of the UN, EU Office/EUSR, NGO Aktiv and the EULEX. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


The panel speakers presented on the basic principles of rule of law and how it reflects on citizens of the North and their basic human rights. Photo Credit: EUICC)