November 10, 2018 | Saturday

Panel discussion on cogeneration and energy efficiency in Kosovo

Cogeneration and its benefits of providing a proper heating solution to the citizens of Pristina were discussed on the 7th of November at EUICC in Pristina during the panel discussion ‘Cogeneration and Energy Efficiency’.


This discussion took place in the framework of the Environment Campaign organized by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by the European Union Information and Cultural Centre (EUICC).

Libor CHLAD – Deputy Head of Cooperation Section in EU Office in Kosovo mentioned the importance of the cogeneration project, from which at least 12.000 households in Pristina have benefited and in this way contributed in reducing air pollution. CHLAD said that the European Union has continuously supported the cogeneration project, the environment and future projects to city heating, energy efficiency, energy supply, air quality and other environment projects in Kosovo.


“We are looking for ways to add 20 million EUR for this specific project together with Termokos’ CHLAD suggested.

Shpend Ahmeti – Mayor of Pristina pointed out that exposing ourselves in polluted air has also medical costs due to healthy problems and respiratory diseases which are more frequent during winter months in Kosovo. Ahmeti said that if there is one project that had a big impact in the quality of life in Kosovo with a wider scope of impact is exactly the cogeneration project.



Luigj Imeri has stated that this project has been supported in all capacities but can also be expanded into other forms. He mentioned the heating of water during summertime. He also pointed out that if the working process continues like this, by the year 2021/2022 Kosovo will have a very different air quality and not a concerning one like nowadays.

Other panellists included René ESCHEMANN, Head of KfW Offices in Kosovo and Naser CANOLLI – Chief Executive of NP “Termokos”. The discussion was moderated by Fatmire Terdevci, Press and Public Information Officer at the EU Office.

The cogeneration project has made it possible to rehabilitate the district heating system of Pristina, provided stable heat supply to all the customers, high efficiency and an ecological environment.

More than 37 million euros were provided for the cogeneration project in Kosovo, with more than 13 million euros coming from the European Commission.