April 5, 2019 | Friday

Panel discussion – ‘Marriage, spouses and civil unions in the modern Civil Code of the Republic of Kosovo’

A productive discussion about ‘Marriage, spouses and civil unions in the modern Civil Code of the Republic of Kosovo’ took place on the 4th of April at the EU Info Centre in Pristina.

This was another event in the framework of ‘EU thematic events’ which will happen continuously at the EUICC in Pristina and North Mitrovica.

Alfons Benjamin Lentze – Team Leader, EU programme Civil Code, Kerstin Niethammer-Jürgens – Expert, EU programme Civil Code, Igballe Igo Rogova -Executive Director, Kosovo Women’s Network and Blert Morina – Executive Director, Centre for Equality and Liberty participated in the discussion by bringing their expertise regarding a very heated and relevant issue in Kosovo.


The discussion started by focusing on the document of modern Civil Code of Kosovo, a new document which hasn’t yet been proceeded to Assembly and as such raises a debate and has problems in definitions and sharpness of content.

Alfons Benjamin Lentze stated that he is working with full engagement within this Civil Code and all citizens of Kosovo will benefit from this document, as the latter will regulate different aspects of daily life. He told the full packed EUICC space that he is adding his recommendations to the working group so that the document will take shape and be as diverse and inclusive as possible.

Several topics such as the family institution and the marriage institution remain a critical point within this document.


Blert Morina pointed out that the Civil Code as such is problematic and in several passages should be amended and modified, otherwise the general public will be confused and later on during the process there will be a need for more laws that will need to oppose the actual draft Civil Code.

Kerstin Jurgens mentioned the fact that the working group will try to be inclusive and everything within this document shall be in line with the Constitution of the Republic in Kosovo.


Igballe Rogova stated the recommendations given from KWN in regards with this document and was very critical and outspoken when talking about the definitions of family, coexistence and early marriages.

The debate also raised the questions of partnership registration (gender neutral) in the Republic of Kosovo.

The debate was moderated by Arber Selmani from the EUICC.