July 6, 2018 | Friday

Photoblog: On the 14th of June 2018, the Campaign on Quality Education came to an end.

The first of the EU campaigns on the EU assistance to Kosovo lasted for six weeks, with different educational and cultural events happening all around Kosovo.

Ambassador Nataliya Apostolova during her closing speech addressed once more the importance of the quality education.


“Every day that is lost in addressing quality needs is a crime towards young generations, and European Union will not allow that. It’s a known fact that in Kosovo for a long time the education in Albanian language was forbidden, but it is time for young generations to be on the same level as their counterparts in other European societies. That is exactly why EU made education a priority working field in Kosovo” said Apostolova.

The closing ceremony of the Campaign on Quality Education was held at Resource Centre – Perparimi.


The schoolchildren of Perparimi performed a show that they prepared with their teachers specifically for this meeting.

University lectures and debates were organized in the main cities of Kosovo during this Campaign, while the “EU Teach a Day” brought EU Member States Ambassadors closer to the public to talk about the European path and the European practices when it comes to education and teaching.


The Campaign was implemented by EUICC – European Union Information and Cultural Centre.