August 7, 2018 | Tuesday

On July 27th the European Union Information and Cultural Centre in Mitrovica North organized a jazz concert featuring Milica Dobrić Quartet.

Consisting of young musicians and students of the Belgrade Jazz Academy, Milica Dobrić Quartet performed various jazz classics, such as “Close your eyes”, “East of the sun“, and “I didn’t know what time it was“, including several tracks of their own.

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Milica started her music career in Mitrovica, and continued to develop it further in Belgrade, where she performs regularly.

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“This is where I like to perform the most. The audience is always welcoming”, Milica points out, also stating that her family and friends are always there to support her and that these types of events are visited by the people who are always looking forward to hearing something new in this city.

Milica Dobrić Quartet also performed during North City Jazz & Blues Festival last year. This time, their lineup featured: Milica Dobrić (vocals), Stevan Miljanović (piano), Denis Nikičić (guitar), David Gegić (double bass).

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The evening was concluded with a surprise performance by Milica and her long-time teacher Petar Rakić.