October 8, 2015 | Thursday

Workshop on Gender Responsive Budgeting at EUICC

EU Information and Cultural Center (EUICC), in cooperation with Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) organized a workshop on Gender Responsive Budgeting policies. Gender Responsive Budgeting is budgeting for equality and social justice as well as it serves as a guideline to budget planning.

Participants of the workshop included mainly students of economics and members of civil society organisations. Donjeta Morina from Kosovo Women’s Network emphasized that Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) is a more transparent, effective, and efficient way of planning and executing government budgets. She pointed out that “It can lead to increased overall economic, political, and social equality through ensuring that women, men, girls, and boys benefit equally from public funds.”

According to the new Law on Gender Equality, Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) has become a legal obligation in Kosovo. However, only few budget organizations have the necessary training in integrating the GRB.

The workshop on GRB is part of the EUICC campaign on “EU is about active civil society”.