June 29, 2017 | Thursday

The month of cultural events and activities at the EUICCs

The EU Information and Cultural Centers focused their monthly activities on the topic of culture featuring Kosovo authors and artists with a number of photo exhibitions, movie screenings and discussions.

The EU Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina organized a screening of documentary   “Drums of Resistance”, written by Besa Luci and directed by Mathieu Jouffre. The documentary was produced with the help of EU-funded project Culture for All and it features peaceful resistance of people of Kosovo during the nineties just after the fall of Yugoslavia.  

Besa Luci is the chief editor of Kosovo 2.0, an independent media that engages society in insightful debate through its multimedia website, print magazine, and public events. Besa co-founded Kosovo 2.0 in 2010, and it has created a space for a different and necessary discussion full of political, social and cultural commentary and reportage.  Mathieu Jouffre is a filmmaker, graduating from the visual art school of Lyon. He has made and collaborated on many short movies and documentaries for cinema and television, between France and the Balkans. He has been traveling in the region for a decade, and he is now living and working in Kosovo.

According to the director Mathieu Jouffre, the aim of the documentary was to portray the real life stories through the voices of the characters in the documentary who in a way attempt to recollect pieces of memories from the past and speak of their personal experience. The movie mostly focuses on parallel education system and public life that happened in Kosovo during the nineties period from the perspective of ordinary people of Kosovo and various forms of civic participation at the time.

“None of this is being remembered or being talked about and if you want to define who you are you have to look into the past…” said Luci, the writer. Luci emphasized the importance of the sense of solidarity that happened during the nineties as a key pillar for holding together the society in those days. Among others, the documentary attempted to voice out the historical account through different generations and shed some light on that historical period which continues to lack appropriate documentation, according to director Jouffre.

The EU Information and Cultural Centre in North Mitrovica organized an exhibition of illustrations and photographs by two local artists Goran Gligović and Milan Dobrić. The exhibition’s aim was to promote and acknowledge young local talents and present their works to a wider audience.

Goran Gligović, an illustrator and comic book artist from Zvečan, defined his displayed work as a mixture of different themes and techniques he has been working on most recently. All of his illustrations were done digitally and they represent a study in various color and techniques.

Milan Dobrić, a photographer from North Mitrovica, noted how his photographs represent everyday life which he tries to capture and preserve, while the most dominant of theme in his works being the art of music, including the most memorable moments from this year’s North City Jazz & Blues Festival.

The EU Information and Cultural Centre will continue with another series of cultural activities during the month of July and August covering themes such as Equality and Cultural Diplomacy.