August 25, 2015 | Tuesday

Green Cinema @ EUICC

Launching the Green Cinema with documentaries from the environmental series, the EU Information and Cultural Centre became an alternative cinema for movie-goers during hot summer months. The Green Cinema was enabled thanks to the cooperation with the French Embassy, via the online platform iFCinema/Institut Français. Other partners include Dokufest, 7 Arte and the EU Info Centre in Podgorica.

The environmental documentaries covered issues regarding environmental degradation, climate change, and the impact on our health, the impact on animals and other creatures, along with similar issues. One of the visitors of Green Cinema, Visar Ahmetxhekaj says that Kosovo’s society needs to raise awareness on many environmental concerns and documentaries like those screened at EUICC serve as an excellent tool to achieve this.

“Civil society organizations and citizens have an important role to play to advocate for having better environmental policies. Together we can change these policies and make small steps toward achieving the European environmental standards. Therefore I think that people who watched these films will reflect more on the surrounding environment and the measures they can take for its protection,” he said.

Ross Bull, an expert from an EU-funded project working with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development was one of regular visitors of Green Cinema at EUICC. He says that films shown during the Green Cinema have highlighted the human abuse of the planet.

“They show that action can be taken to slow down the damage. Two films stand out: first, that about the almost exponential use of sand globally; and, secondly, the one about the waste recycling in Brazil, (with international possibilities for replication). The films have been both illuminating and a privilege to watch; in fact, they have been real eye-openers. We need more events like this,” Bull said.

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