November 21, 2018 | Wednesday

European Union Office, EUICC and UNICEF ask for more awareness among children towards environment protection

European Union Office in Kosovo is strongly committed to help young generations, especially children and teenagers, to grow their capacities and use the right of protection and education in the best way possible.

Referring to that, there is no better day to emphasize this rather than the World Children’s Day, celebrated each year on the 20th of November.


This year, The European Union Information and Cultural Centre and UNICEF Kosovo Office organized a joint discussion on the occasion of this day, with guest speaker Libor Chlad – the Deputy Head of Cooperation in the EU Office in Kosovo/EUSR and Murat SAHIN, Head of UNICEF Kosovo Office.


After an introduction from Vjosa Berisha, team leader at the European Union Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina and after screening of new UNICEF video ‘Go Blue’ starring Kosovo-born artist Dua Lipa, Orlando Bloom and Millie Bobby among others, the panelists raised important points on the children’s education in Kosovo and the environment as a common ground of engagement for all children of Kosovo.


“It is very easy to fight with who is weak, but you have to think twice before you pick on someone like that, because this shows the weaker side of the actor, not the strength. We are here today in the framework of something bigger, promoting environment, clean air and clean water, but this will only be achieved with your help, with things you can do such as not throwing rubbish or protecting the environment” said Libor Chlad in his opening remarks.

He told the audience from several schools of Pristina that there are countless ways of protecting environment. Not driving cars in short distances, commuting to schools by walking, shutting off the lights when we are out of home and throwing trash and waste where needed are just some of the ways we can all start implementing in order to protect the overall environment, Chlad suggested.



“I wish with all my heart for a cleaner and nicer Kosovo in the future” Libor Chlad concluded.

Murat SAHIN, Head of UNICEF Kosovo Office, pointed out that every children has two birthdays, including the 20th of November.

“The right to education and protection is a right granted to all Kosovo children. The challenges are big, but I have seen the passion of partners, including here the EU Office. A lot more is to be done but we cannot do anything without your help. Over the weekend I have seen so much talented children having great ideas, and together we can come up with solutions” said Murat Sahin during the discussion.



Children in the audience had different questions for both Chlad and Sahin. Children from “Shkolla e Gjelbër”, “Mileniumi i Tretë”, “Faik Konica” and “Shkolla Model – Qamil Batalli” joined in the activity.

This activity took place in the framework of the Environment Campaign organized by the European Union Office in Kosovo and implemented by the European Union Information and Cultural Centre (EUICC).