March 22, 2016 | Tuesday

EUICC Documentary Screening and Debate

EUICC Centres in Pristina and Mitrovica have continued with the bi-monthly campaign of “EU is about preventing gender based violence”, starting the year with documentary screening and debate. The Centres showed the BBC Documentary “All that stands in the way-Girls” which represents the life of four girls from United Kingdom, Lesotho, Iceland and Jordan discussing and questioning their freedom and gender equality that exists in each society. The movie displayed that equality between men and women is a global challenge.

The documentary was followed by debates with panelists from the field of cinematography and gender equality advocates, in both centres. In Prishtina, Sibel Halimi, sociologist and gender equality activist and Fadil Hysaj, director and playwright discussed about Kosovo’s position toward women’s rights, the freedom they have in the society and the sexism they face every day. Ms. Halimi stated that, “Women, themselves have to fight sexism as it is the highest degree of awareness, which will make men to be released from their socially constructed position.”

From the perspective of art and its influence that has in gender equality, Mr. Hysaj claimed that art itself is self-expression and as such, it has played an important role in promoting women’s right. Further he stated that, “the power of art lies in the destruction of stereotypes, regardless of the forms.”

In the centre of North Mitrovica, The members of the audience were able to pinpoint different aspects of women’s rights and gender equality by discussing the core of the problem with Program Director at Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture, Mr Srđan Simonović. Operating as manager on the project dealing with women’s  empowerment and property rights, Mr  Simonović expressed his views on gender equality in the North of Kosovo, highlighting the necessity for proper education and freedom of choice and expression.

Participants,  mostly high school students, commented on society’s inadequate response to these issues but their attitutes also showed that young people need and can be taught that freedom should apply to all regardless of race, gender and nationality.

The “EU is about preventing gender based violence” theme will continue with events during January. On January 21st, open house exhibition will be hosted at the EUICC Centre in Prishtina, while on January 29th both centres will host EU Master Classes covering the feminist art.