June 17, 2024 | Monday

Learning and Celebrating Europe Day: Educational Activities for Children 

In the lead-up to Europe Day, representatives from the EU in Kosovo, EU member states, and EULEX have completed a series of engaging visits to 12 schools across Kosovo. The aim of this outreach was to promote and discuss EU values and fundamental principles with the pupils.

Starting from Malishevë / Malisevo, the representatives of the EU in Kosovo, the EU family and EULEX visited schools in Pristina, Prizren, Ferizaj/Urosevac, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Mitrovica South, Pejë/Peć, Dragash/Dragaš, and Janjevë/Janjevo, engaging with members of different communities. Each visit offered students the opportunity to interact directly with the EUOK representative, the EU family officials or EULEX and learn about the EU’s contributions, principles, and its role in the region.

The successful conclusion of the school outreach underscores the EU’s commitment to forging strong connections with Kosovo’s youth and nurturing a deeper understanding of European values and principles within the region.

Throughout the outreach program, students actively participated in discussions, asking questions, and sharing their perspectives on the EU and its relevance in Kosovo’s context. Topics ranged from the EU’s commitment to peace and stability to its support for economic development and human rights.

To mark Europe Day, the EU in Kosovo organized fun and educational activities for children and families in Pristina, including quizzes, games, and face painting. The talented music ensemble from the Loyola Gymnasium in Prizren played the European anthem, while the Okarina Children’s Choir entertained the audience with their spectacular performance.

To mark Europe Day, the EU in Kosovo also organized two art exhibitions at its Europe Houses in Pristina and Mitrovica North. These exhibitions showcased EU-themed artwork created by students from the 12 schools visited by representatives from the EU in Kosovo, EULEX, and EU Member States over the past three weeks.

On 12 May, the EU in Kosovo celebrated Europe Day 2024 with fun and educational activities for children and families at Lumbardhi Kej in Prizren. Hundreds of visitors participated in various activities, including games, quizzes, and face painting. An artistic mural, developed by local artists after a process of public consultation, is currently in the works.