October 4, 2021 | Monday

Labbox is enabling children to bring to life concepts of the technological world – Arta Shehu

Education system in Kosovo has shortcomings in one of the most important fields of our time, that of technological engineering. Owing to this fact and many years of experience with children at the jCoders Academy, where we have identified the lack of necessary tools that enable children to learn, in a practical way, how technology is created and how it works in general, we have established the Labbox Company.

Labbox has developed a library of electronic blocks for children, through which children can practically develop various electronic and engineering projects. We have designed and developed a series of physical products, which were designed according to a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)-certified curriculum. Each product is linked to certain learning objectives, and enables children to practically comprehend various concepts of the world of technology, concepts which children apply by creating electronic projects.

In addition, Labbox provides relief for parents who have an active role in their children’s development, providing them with a set of activities that engage their children’s time at home more effectively. Bringing up a child is not just about the time children spend in school, but it is a combination of the overall experience that children gain at school, in society and at home. Through Labbox, parents today have the opportunity to work with their children on attractive educational activities in the field of electronics and engineering, which are important for the future of children. 

Something that we are proud of is the fact that we have managed to develop authentic educational products, which are intellectual property of Labbox. Moreover, owing to innovative solutions that it provides, Labbox has managed to become part of Techstars, the world’s largest accelerator which globally admits 1-3% of start-ups, and we have managed to attract venture capital from institutional investors, a success that once again confirms the potential of Labbox. 

Yet, our greatest success and what we enjoy most undoubtedly is the tremendous effect that Labbox has on child development. The effect measured by many tests performed by Labbox, shows that children who learn about electronics and engineering with Labbox products show three times more knowledge absorbed than with other products. On the other hand, we have observed exponential growth of experimentation, which is enabled by our specific product designs. 

Labbox’s success was not easy to achieve. On the contrary, it required a lot of work and commitment. Entrepreneurship is a complex and multidisciplinary field, which requires a lot of energy, but also offers exponentially many rewards in case of success. Individual and professional development in entrepreneurship is also exponential, and this provides satisfaction to those who have ambitions. To all those who want to contribute in a certain field, I can say that entrepreneurship is a concrete opportunity to realize your idea and make it a reality. This process is one of the most rewarding processes in life, as you will witness the creation of something new in the world, which brings multiple benefits to all involved: team, customers, partners, investors and all the stakeholders. 

Arta Shehu – Labbox Co-founder and Director