June 29, 2017 | Thursday

Month of Culture and Diplomacy in EUICC

Some interesting cultural and informative events on different themes were organized at both EUICCs during this month, starting with an exhibition of photographs and illustrations in North Mitrovica Centre, continuing with the screening of documentary “Drums Of Resistance”  and third edition of “Meet the Ambassador” with Dutch Ambassador at the EUICC Pristina.  


The exhibition in EUICC NM, was a presentation of two local artists Goran Gligović and Milan Dobrić and its aim was to promote and appreciate young local talents by showing their works to a wider audience. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


Goran Gligović, an illustrator from Zvečan, has worked recently on a mixture of different themes and techniques and all of his illustrations were done digitally and they represent a study in various color and form techniques. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


The exhibits received highest of praises by the visitors, among whom local artists, art enthusiasts, student and professors contributing to an overall lively atmosphere. The exhibition will remain open until June 23rd 2017. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


“Drums of Resistance” written by Besa Luci and directed by Mathieu Jouffre and produced with the help of EU-funded project Culture for All, a documentary which portrays the parallel school system and public life of Kosovo during the Yugoslavian state was screened at the EUICC as part of Cine Nights. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


The authors Besa Luci and Mathieu Jouffre were present at the screening and later on participated at a discussion with the audience regarding the documentary.(Photo Credit: EUICC)


The EU Information and Cultural Centre in Mitrovica North organized its first book promotion and poetry reading. The book in question concerns the 12th collection of poems by Zoran Nedeljković titled “With the Feather of Phoenix”. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


The book deals with topics like existentialism, metaphysics, love, immortality, life and death. The poems were read by Milica Orlović, a journalist and sociologist. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


The EU Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina, held another successful Meet the Ambassador event, this time with the Ambassador of the Netherlands, Ms. Gerrie Willems. (Photo Credit: EUICC)


Ms. Willems spoke about the Dutch model of parliamentary representative democracy, a constitutional monarchy and a decentralized state, as well as the importance of gender equality and inclusion of women in decision-making mechanisms.(Photo Credit: EUICC)