May 3, 2022 | Tuesday

Jora Zeneli – a Volunteer of the Tech Community, and full-time Activist and Youth Innovator

Springing from the tender age of 18 to make a difference, Jora Zeneli is an active volunteer advocating for the perpetuation of technology as well as Kosovo’s integration into Europe. It is her vigorous dedication and array of qualities that have led to her election as a Young European Ambassador, six months prior.

With passion brewing from an age as young as 11, Jora has volunteered at the NGO “TOKA”, affiliated with the “PODIUM” project which allowed her to develop her own two activities known as “CyberCare” and “SeEd”.

A particularly positive influence has been participating in the “Junior Geeks” program implemented by ICK, which has helped her find her footing career-wise.

It is this zeal that has helped her chart a course within the STEM fields and become another excellent addition to the rising numbers of girls and women in the tech industry.

In addition to the many volunteering gigs in her arsenal, Jora has also donated her time and efforts at the Volunteering Caravan organized by Ryco in partnership with WeBalkans,  which has been noted to be a very formative experience for her.

Likeminded individuals have rallied in Podgorice and traveled to Mostar and Sarajevo, visiting cultural youth centers, then on traveling to Kopaonik to meet influencers and discuss the impact of social media with today’s standards. There, Jora has helped plant berries and mushrooms as well as tried her hand in carpentry in Prishtina, then on expressing ideas and visions in Bitole/Manastir and wrapped the whole unforgettable experience with a concert in Malumas in the 2022 Youth Capital, Tirana.

As a Young European Ambassador and a tech enthusiast, Jora is pursuing the academic field of Biomedical Engineering as a contribution to her legacy in STEM, adding it as a staple to her titular launched organization “Çikat n’STEM (Girls in STEM)” with the mission of empowering girls and women in the path of STEM. This organization also had the honor of participating in the “Vajzat ne TIK” Campaign of 2022.

A wild and fascinating feat of combined effort between Jora and other youths us the product known as “Nuhate”, a brilliance that represented Kosovo for the first time in the global competition of innovation.

Jora relays that she is immensely proud and humbled to be selected as a Youth Ambassador, and is planning to perpetuate awareness and enhance the values of the EU in Kosovo’s community via social media. Her main goal is and remains to stay proactive and inspire the youth of Kosovo as well as the region to express their ideas, and most crucially, make them a reality.