August 10, 2022 | Wednesday

Horizon Europe – an amazing opportunity for Kosovar researchers and innovators of public and private sector

Horizon Europe, the largest research and innovation program of the European Union, with a budget of 95.5 billion euros, has just entered its ninth framework (2021-2027) of supporting a new generation of innovators and researchers. Through innovators and researchers, the program aims to develop solutions for healthier living, drive digital transformation and fight climate change, for our collective resilience.

Kosovo joined Horizon Europe for the first time during the program’s seventh framework (2007 – 2013), meanwhile throughout the program’s eighth framework (2014-2020 researchers from Kosovo received 2.6 million euros from program. During the actual framework (2021-2027), precisely in January 2021, Kosovo becomes a fully associated member of the EU research and innovation program.

But what does this mean for organizations, researchers, and innovators from Kosovo?

To learn more, we have interviewed Qamile Sinanaj – National Coordinator of Horizon Europe for Kosovo. In her own words, Ms. Sinanaj urges Kosovar researchers and innovators from the public and private sectors to apply.

“Not only do you get your idea or project funded, so you get funding, but you also get new skills. Then you can hire new members to your team, for example, you can grow as the research organization that you are. You have visibility in the EU, and as a business, you can explore new markets, or even develop a new business model” – Qamile Sinanaj