October 18, 2018 | Thursday

Graffiti activity in Gjakova as part of the #GiveGreenAChance Environment Campaign

As part of the Environment Campaign #GiveGreenAChance, an important activity took place in the city of Gjakova in October, reminding people about the importance of clean waters and rivers.



On 16 October, a graffiti was created by young artists at the Islam Begu Bridge over the Krena river, bringing young generations closer to the water while raising awareness about the issue of protecting rivers and their banks from littering and polluting.

The Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, expressed his enthusiasm for a very thoughtful and productive activity where young generations were able to get involved and reflect upon the importance of environmental protection.



Gjini mentioned the importance of environmental protection and congratulated all the organisers on discovering this exact location, the Krena river bank, adding that this activity will serve as a signal to revitalise the river for the benefit of all Gjakova’s citizens.

Gjini stated that such matters concern all of us and are of great importance for everyone in Kosovo, and that we should all commit to putting more effort into protecting the environment and waters in Kosovo.


The graffiti, which is a ‘work in progress’ and can be found by the riverbank close to the bridge, will serve to remind everyone that clean waters and rivers must remain clean to protect our common living space.

The activity was part of the Environment Campaign implemented by the EUICC with the support of the EU Office in Kosovo.