August 18, 2023 | Friday

From Youth Activism to Young European Ambassadors

At just 15 years old, Aulon Curri found his calling in activism within the city of Suhareka, Kosovo. This early exposure to volunteering and collaboration with the youth assembly ignited a passion within him to make a difference. Aulon’s commitment to activism only grew stronger over time, driven by the inspiration he gained from various events and experiences.

One significant turning point was his involvement in the summer camps organized by the non-governmental organization ‘Kosovo Hope’. Through unwavering dedication, he earned a spot in a student exchange program in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, which further fueled his enthusiasm for activism. This experience instilled in him a desire to contribute to his community and society at large.

Aulon sees activism as a platform to advocate for a range of critical societal concerns, including human rights, environmental preservation, and mental well-being. The task of juggling his roles as an enthusiastic youth activist and a diligent student poses challenges. Nonetheless, he adeptly navigates this balance, ensuring that both dimensions of his life flourish. By thoughtfully apportioning time for both his activism and academic commitments, he maximizes his contributions in both realms while maintaining their individual integrity.

Joining the Young European Ambassadors (YEA) network provided Aulon with a platform to amplify his impact. His work revolves around environmental protection, human rights, and youth resilience. He actively participates in events, workshops, campaigns, and various activities.

Engaging with YEA connected him with fellow advocates and influential figures. These interactions expanded his understanding of European integration and the pivotal role that youth activism plays in forging a brighter tomorrow. Conversations with ambassadors and diplomats strengthened his resolve to spearhead constructive transformations within his community and on a broader scale.

As a student of geography, Aulon’s involvement in environmental protection aligns seamlessly with his academic pursuits. He leverages his knowledge to contribute meaningfully to discussions and initiatives, utilizing tools like Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to address pollution and geographical challenges.

Being an activist, to Aulon, is about being a voice for change. It’s about believing in and educating oneself about the causes that matter and steadfastly confronting challenges. He champions the values of open-mindedness, the willingness to absorb constructive criticism, and the ability to strike a harmonious balance between activism and academic endeavors. Fueled by passion and innovative ideas, he is resolutely dedicated to contributing to a more promising future and nurturing European solidarity through his activism.