May 27, 2014 | Tuesday

Europe’s May – By: Avni Mazreku

May represents one of the most important and symbolic months for the big European family. The European Great Powers, throughout circumstances often faced depending on the historical and geo-political context, have always come up with a rationale and have shown interest for peace and union. Consequently, this union which is evolving and has become more meaningful and all inclusive portrayed a completely different profile of Europe, whilst enhancing it at the time when individuals and state representatives decided to weigh on the joint interest and welfare thus establishing foundations for a strong and proud Europe.

While promotion of genuine values may occur only within sound and powerful relations, the fact that a united Europe means a safer world, a sustainable peace, a multiple stronger economy and a stronger resistance to any threatening and negative aspect from the above mentioned phenomena is quite undisputable. 9 May marks a historical date and the anniversary of Schuman Declaration, which states that “Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity”.  And this is really true. It has now become a common rhetoric that European Union presents a unique global player as far as composition, structure and manner of action are concerned, which has different functioning sources and instruments available. As such, Europe has become stronger with each challenge.

This day finds Kosovo still fighting to acquire its membership mission into European Union. In fact, words such as “integration”, “membership”, or “European Union” are an integral part of day to day vocabulary of Kosovo citizens. Each individual aspires personal and professional advancement and development, however as a European Union citizen, under EU regulated  conditions. Therefore, we shall continue making efforts to create conditions for us to win the battle against isolation. Later, we will also seek the opportunity to contribute with our talents and skills to the European Union.

I believe and hope that Europe Day, 9 May of future years will find us being part of the European union, thus not only 9th of May will be the day when we celebrate Europe, but each day is a European day where we live and evolve as citizens with dignity and equal rights like any other European Union citizen.