March 31, 2021 | Wednesday

Europe House in North Mitrovica hosts exhibition “Sanatorium”

From 30th of March, to 30th of April 2021, Europe House in North Mitrovica, hosts Aleksandar Zdravković’s Digital Art Exhibition “Sanatorium”.

Aleksandar Zdravković, born in 1997, is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts in North Mitrovica, Department of Graphic Design, and is considered one of the most talented artists of his generation. Despite his young age, he has already participated in many exhibitions and festivals such as the Biennial of Graphics “Bridges” (2017), art colony of the Gradac Monastery (“Ornaments”), Nomad Fest, while his works have left a mark in the gaming industry, where he makes illustrations for the famous game “Dota 2.”

Zdravkovic dedicated his work to digital arts and is an explorer of conceptual art forms, as his Digital Art Exhibition “Sanatoriom” showcases that. His eight digital artworks, generally explore topics of love.

The exhibition is open and can be visisted at Europe House in North Mitrovica, each working day from 09:00am-6:00pm, always adhering to the recommendations of health institutions: wearing a mask and keeping a distance.