May 21, 2019 | Tuesday

‘EU Inspirational Talk’ with Dorjan Berishaj from Zombie Soup

On the 20th of May 2019, Europe House welcomed Dorjan Berishaj – CoFounder and CEO of ZOMBIE SOUP for another exciting ‘EU Inspirational Talk’.

In the framework of the Economy Campaign #Letstalkeconomy launched in the beginning of May, Europe House is continuing to bring interesting people who share their successful stories of founding enterprises, companies and different other initiatives, in front of an enthusiastic audience ready to learn and reflect.

Berishaj introduced Zombie Soup, a company specializing in the right ingredients such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality. Berishaj presented the idea of HealthTech, something the company has been working on for many years, combining medical services and technology for a better wellbeing of Kosovo’s citizens.

Dorjan is a software architect with a 10 year experience in software development and design. Dorjan has seen a number of diverse projects through, and made sure that the team he led were leveraging the best practices and technologies, as a result, ensuring the products were future proof.

More than 30 people work today within the Zombie Soup family, a company which was found back in 2014.

‘We design, create, break, fix, visualize, research, break, break some more and complete any possible product, which are performed by our finest zombies’ it’s the main logo and mission of Zombie Soup.