July 12, 2021 | Monday

EU-Community Stabilization Programme supporting and integrating communities in Kosovo

In 2010, European Union in Kosovo launched the first phase of the EU-Community Stabilization Programme, with the aim of supporting non-majority communities, and facilitating their integration into the society, by providing access to economic opportunities and enabling them the creation of sustainable livelihoods. Throughout the project’s first three phases, more than 900 new and existing micro-enterprises have been supported, hundreds of jobs have been created, and hundreds of different community projects have been implemented. Currently the project is in its fourth phase, which is being implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOMM) mission in Kosovo, funded by European Union in Kosovo and Kosovo’s Ministry of Communities and Returns.

The project has had an immense impact in the lives of non-majority communities all around Kosovo, and success stories are endless. Slobodan Vlasic, owner of the fast food “Zar” in the municipality of Gracanica, is one of the beneficiaries of the project. Vlasic opened his small business in 2017, and was on the verge of closing it, since he possessed old and inefficient working equipment that increased dramatically his costs.

Slobodan Vlasic, owner of “ZAR” fast food in Gracanica

“Thanks to the support we received from the project, my business is alive and kicking. We received as a donation all the necessary equipment’s to conduct our work, such as a brand new grill, fridge, kitchen hood, and others, that allowed us to reduce our energy consumption and become an efficient business. From the support we received from the EU funded project, our production capacities and sales have increased for 40%” – declares Slobodan Vlasic.

The dental ordinance “Slavic” located in the village of Babimoc in the municipality of Obiliq/Obilić, is another success story of the project. Slobodan and Andrijana Slavic, after completing their studies in dentistry, were left without working options, and had to seek jobs in different dental ordinances in Northern Mitrovica.

Slobodan and Andrijana Slavic, owners of “Slavic” dental ordinance

“If it wasn’t for the support that we received from the project, we would not be able to practice our profession in our hometown” – states Slobodan Slavic. “From the project we received all the equipment’s required to carry on with our job, such as the dentistry chair and other ones, which allowed us to open the dental ordinance in our village” – says Slobodan Slavic. Both Andrijana and Slobodan declare to be very happy and proud that they are finally able to practice their profession in their hometown, and help the people of their community by providing dental services.

Danilo Zdravkovic is the owner of the “AMD Pet Shop.” Located in the city centre of Lipjan, the business which operates since 2013, specializes in the production of pet food, as well as in trade with home pets. In 2019, Danilo’s business benefited from the project by receiving as a donation a machine that enables him to process pet food.

Danilo Zdravkovic owner of “AMD” Pet Shop in Lipjan

“The machine has been a great help for my business. Even though as all other businesses we were hit by the pandemic, the machine has allowed us to increase the production capacities by at least 20%. Thanks to the support we received from the project, our sales have also increased, and I have managed to add another employee” – declares Zdravkovic.

These are just some of the thousand stories of the people that in one way or another have benefited from the EU-Community Stabilization Programme, implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOMM) mission in Kosovo, and funded by European Union in Kosovo, and Kosovo’s Ministry of Communities and Returns.