November 19, 2018 | Monday

Economic priorities of EU in Kosovo were discussed by Javier MENENDEZ BONILLA and Christiane WESTPHAL

Economic priorities of the European Union in Kosovo have been discussed in a panel discussion with two officials from Brussels, Javier MENENDEZ BONILLA on behalf of DG Near and Christiane WESTPHAL from DG Employment.

The discussion was held on the 19th of November at the European Union Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina.


Menendez Bonilla during the discussion told the audience that the EU will continue helping the priorities of Kosovo’s government and that Kosovo is a very crucial part of the economic agenda of EU especially through ERA – European Reform Agenda, with the application process that is the same as all EU Member States.

Westphal, on the other side, mentioned the problem of salaries in private sector and the fact that there is yet to be created a mechanism that regulates the minimum and maximum of the salaries in this regard. Nevertheless, she talked as well about the potential of young people and active people in workforce in Kosovo, by also calling for more jobs and working opportunities created by competent institutions.


The discussion was moderated by Nora Latifi JASHARI – Director of GAP Institute.

During their stay in Kosovo, Menendez Bonilla and Westphal met with representatives of different organizations to seek future collaboration.

European Union is by far the biggest financial donor in Kosovo, including here the support towards economic development.