October 19, 2021 | Tuesday

DYVO tackling pollution with fashionable recycled products

Pollution and climate change are one of the main threats that the planet earth is facing today. Solutions are being sought and offered in a variety of fields, including fashion, sustainable design, circular economy and others.

One of the enterprises that is actively contributing in reducing waste in Kosovo, is DYVO. To promote their work and raise awareness about the alternative and innovative methods of tackling climate change, Europe House in North Mitrovica opened the doors for the exhibition “Upcycling and Recycling in the fashion industry.” The exhibition showcases the fashionable items made by the social entrepreneurship DYVO.

DYVO, a social enterprise operating in Pristina, takes waste in the form of acrylic plastic and recreates them into fashionable trendy and sustainable items. Apart from the fashionable items they create, they also try to raise awareness through different activities such as workshops and different activities.

DYVO’s products exhibited at the exhibition “Upcycling and Recycling in the fashion industry” can be visited each working day, at Europe House North Mitrovica, from 9:00 – 18:00. The exhibition is organized by Europe House Kosovo and supported by European Union Office in Kosovo.