March 3, 2019 | Sunday

Discussion about equality of women and men in the Civil Code

February was a very dynamic month at the EUICC in Pristina and North Mitrovica.

On the 28th of February, a discussion about Civil Code was held at the EU Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina.

Alfons Benjamin Lentze, Team Leader – EU programme Civil Code, Prof. Dr. Haxhi Gashi, Key Expert – EU programme Civil Code, Jadranka Jovinović, Expert – EU programme Civil Code and Edita Kusari from EUO joined within the discussion to offer an insight on the current situation of the Civil Code in Kosovo.


The changes in the Civil Code should guarantee the equal rights of women and men in the Republic of Kosovo when it comes to all aspects of life. The Family Law, the Inheritance Law, but also the Ownership of Property and other assets should provide equality in all circumstances.

The question of equality in a social context can only be answered well if the lawmakers in the laws developed those provisions which by Law guarantee these equal rights.


Alfons Benjamin Lentze pointed out that it is a responsibility of political parties in Kosovo and moreover it is also a duty of them to accept and listen to any kind of initiative that wants to change legislation in Kosovo, including here the Civil Code.

Haxhi Gashi went deeper into the Inheritance Law and the Family Law, two parts which are obviously very controversial and seek further discussion when it comes to dispositions of the Family Law.

The discussion raised a productive debate with the civil society NGO’s being present in the event.