July 3, 2020 | Friday

‘Depression Diaries’ exhibition opens at Europe House in Prishtina

On July 3, ‘Depression Diaries’ exhibition by Ferdi Limani opened at Europe House in Prishtina.

“Depression Diaries” is a project started to create space to speak freely about human experiences and their consequences on the individual and everyone around, without forgetting to address the institutional problems faced by people with mental health disorders, with a focus on depression.
The project is an initiative of reporter Leonora Aliu, who through family experiences and her mother’s depression is aiming to stimulate debate in public discourse and initiate change.

The exhibition organized by Ferdi Limani, as part of the “Depression Diaries” project, is a reflection of particles of personal and common experiences that aims to break the silence through personal stories of people who have suffered from depression.